New People, New Places

Astec’s Tony Martin brings solutions to the Pacific Northwest

(l to r) Jason Stephens, hot plant supervisor at Granite Construction, West Haven, Utah, and Tony Martin, Astec regional parts salesman
(l to r) Jason Stephens, hot plant supervisor at Granite Construction, West Haven, Utah, and Tony Martin, Astec regional parts salesman

A typical week for regional parts salesman, Tony Martin, consists mostly of travel. He spends Mondays in his home office in Seattle, Washington, doing paperwork and reports, expenses, and making appointments. On Tuesday, he hits the road, visiting locations within driving distance by car or heading to the Seattle airport to travel to the farther regions in his Pacific Northwest territory, which consists of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.


For Martin, the road to Astec was a bit of a winding path. After working in a sales position in England for 20 years, then another 10 years in Pennsylvania and Seattle, Martin stepped away from the job. It was during this time that he first dealt with Astec, a connection that would prove fruitful down the road.

When Martin received a call from Astec some time later, the conversation eventually turned to what he was doing. “About an hour after we got off the phone, I got a call back and was told there were tickets waiting for me at the Seattle airport to fly to Chattanooga. This was around December 2004. In January, I was offered the West Coast to work in parts sales and I’ve been here ever since.”

Between the travel and the opportunity to meet new people, the Pacific Northwest regional sales position seemed like the perfect match for Martin. “I meet a lot of people, and I can honestly say there is no one person I dislike or cannot get along with in this industry. I really enjoy meeting people and I enjoy helping them out if they’ve got a problem or a question. That’s really rewarding.”


In his downtime during the summer months, Martin enjoys gardening. “I don’t do flowers and shrubs, my wife does all that stuff. What I do is grow vegetables, beans, rhubarb, teas, chives, and tomatoes,” he explained. “It isn’t a big patch, but it’s fulfilling.”

During winter, the recreational fun moves indoors. “In the winter, I do jigsaw puzzles. I find that relaxing.” Martin starts his jigsaw puzzles around Christmas and, currently, he’s working on a 2,000-piece puzzle.

Despite having to travel for work, the activity still plays a large role in Martin’s personal life. Martin said that he and his wife spent two weeks in Europe last year. “We spent four or five days in Paris. Then we went down to Italy, where we visited Venice, Florence, and Rome.”

With energy in his voice and quickness to his humor, Martin jokes that his wife—of 50 years—claims that all the time away from his job is what has helped keep their marriage strong.