Advanced Customer Schools

2018 Drum Class

Astec has always believed its success is a direct result of its customers’ success. That’s why Astec strives to keep its Astec Advanced Customers Schools on the leading edge.

“Our commitment to a leading-edge service experience has helped the Astec Advanced Customer Schools become the industry leading training experience,” notes Michael Holbrook, service schools administrater.

The Astec Advanced Customer Schools cover more than any other asphalt industry training school. Participants can expect to enhance their grasp of key aspects of plant maintenance and operation through a unique combination of lectures and extensive hands-on classes. Instructors include Astec and Heatec engineers and service technicians with decades of field experience. Breaks and evening events offer the opportunity to exchange information with fellow students, as well as with Astec service professionals and engineers.

“We work hard to make the Astec schools experience the best in the industry,” Holbrook states “The response to the schools each year is phenomenal. Available spaces always fill quickly after registration opens. We feel like the industry values what our schools offer.

“Students come from all across the United States and even from other countries to attend the Astec Advanced Customer Schools,” Holbrook notes. “Last year we had a total of 591 students from 14 different countries.”

During four full days of training, instructors and attendees cover topics including:

  • PLC Hardware
  • Calibration
  • Segregation and AC Content
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Trunnion Adjustment
  • Drum Flighting

And all plant components including:

  • Cold Feed and Recycling
  • Drums
  • Heaters
  • Burners
  • Drag Conveyors and Silos
  • Baghouse and Airflows
  • Plant Controls

2018 Trunion Class

“Astec places an emphasis on a hands-on experience,” Holbrook says. “The ability to learn through doing helps our students understand the troubleshooting, service and maintenance tasks that we teach.

“Accessibility is also something important at Astec and it’s on full display during schools, because our classes are taught by service techs and engineers with in-field experience,” Holbrook adds. “This provides our attendees with invaluable face-time with a team of experts.

Time at the Astec Advanced Customer Schools will also incorporate tours of the Astec and Heatec manufacturing facilities.