Astec Introduces Silobot™ Inspection Service

Astec Silobot™
Astec Silobot™

Astec, Inc. introduces a new inspection service for silo interiors featuring the SilobotTM. The Silobot is a new, hi-tech tool in the Astec Parts Department for doing a thorough visual inspection and metal thickness testing inside hot-mix storage silos. The remote-control capabilities of the Silobot inspection device keep workers out of the confined space of the silos and out of harm’s way. It does the job quicker, safer, and typically more thoroughly. 

The inspection record provided to the customer will include a metal thickness map, a video, and photos of the inside of each silo. Engineering evaluations and recommendations, based on the inspection findings, will be provided by Astec engineers.

Asphalt mixing plant operators can schedule the inspection service through the Astec Parts Department at 800.251.6042.