Staying True To Our Customers

Steve Claude, Group President, Infrastructure Astec Industries, Inc.
Steve Claude, Group President, Infrastructure
Astec Industries, Inc.

Having just returned this past March from an upbeat and successful ConExpo 2017 trade show, where our customers and colleagues alike expressed a very positive outlook for the months and years ahead, we can truly count our blessings for being part of the infrastructure industry. With the Fast Act in place and the promise of significant additional federal funds to be allocated to infrastructure in the near future by the current administration, we are in a very fortunate position, and are limited only by one’s inability to deliver successfully on the anticipated demand.


I think it is fair to say that with all of the media attention given to the need to rebuild our infrastructure, the average American will be paying more attention to the end product that we provide them in terms of a quality road designed for long life. Let’s not lose sight of this important fact, as I believe we have an opportunity to really shine during this cycle of rebuilding, and we certainly do not want to disappoint them.


The majority of the Astec Industries subsidiaries have substantial immediate and future orders on hand, and from what we hear and understand, many of our customers have a full order book as well. I have strongly encouraged all of us at Astec to pay attention to making sure we deliver what we promise. All too often, when we enter into an economic upcycle, businesses have a tendency to push aside their “tried and true” processes and procedures that can be credited to why they are successful in the first place. Astec will collectively commit to stay focused and not allow this to happen.

Throughout sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service, we will go the extra mile to ensure the order is right and delivered to you as promised. We will be with you during every phase of the process to remedy any issue. We commit to continued excellence in customer service after installation to keep plants and mobile equipment up and running.

In doing so, we not only position our operations to maximize our overall results during these good times and provide you with a superior and quality product, but we also continue to build upon the most valuable asset of any company, which is one’s credibility of being known to deliver on what was promised.


This year’s ConExpo trade show was a terrific success. The Astec Industries booth was packed with long-term customers, partners, and many new prospective partners, all interested in seeing what new innovations could enhance their operations and increase profitability.

All of our Astec Industries companies had plenty to show and demonstrate, with 33 new and 24 improved products for a total of 57 products of the 83 we had on display. Below are some examples for the Infrastructure Group:

Astec, Inc: New Pre-Rap drying system designed to handle 50+% RAP mixes / new generation 3 warm mix system / improved Phoenix® Fury burners / new SilobotTM silo inspection robot (which was a huge crowd attraction, given its capabilities).

Roadtec: Enhanced Guardian system, providing its owners real-time monitoring, resulting in enhanced uptime and productivity / improved CIR skid and SX-6E stabilizers / improved pavers and mills / new, robust MTV100e material transfer vehicle.

Carlson: New CP100 and CP130 pavers.

Make sure to contact your local Astec, Dillman, Roadtec, or Carlson representative if you want to hear more about the new and improved products.


Steve Claude