‘Dedicated To Success’ Fuels Strong Finish

John Irvine, President, Roadtec, Inc.
John Irvine, President, Roadtec, Inc.

Well it’s football season now; second half of the year is upon us and we are definitely down to the real blocking and tackling! Roadtec is (as anticipated) experiencing a record year in sales. For that we are entirely grateful to all our supporters. We are grateful to our new dealers for their support of our floor planning and parts stocking, and our customers for their loyal purchasing of Roadtec products. Thank you, from all of us at Roadtec, Inc.!

We have met as a company this year to further define our focus to serve our customers. We created a new brand statement that sums up who we are in a few words: “Dedicated to Success” is what we came up with.

We are dedicated to our customer’s success. We make the best equipment in the industry with the most personal and technical support. Don Brock always said, “We want our customers to understand we are the industry consultants. We strive to train our sales, our service, and our parts personnel to be the people who our customers turn to when in need of information, equipment, or support. We want the reputation of the innovator, the guys who aren’t afraid to try new things.” To that end, “Dedicated to Success” was coined in his honor. Our customers know that owning a Roadtec product means they are more competitive when they bid, and when they win more bids, hopefully they will grace us with more orders. We work to make our customers successful. This is the number one core principle at Astec Industries.


On a more urgent or pressing matter, we are also dedicated to the success of our country. One way we are doing this is by encouraging all Astec Industries employees to make time to write to Washington D.C. to urge our government to pass an infrastructure program that will provide the needed jobs and stability to the USA economy. If we are to remain the world leader in technology and industry, our government has to provide a safe and well-maintained infrastructure to deliver products and people. I urge you to use our link – www.dontletamericadeadend.us – to write your state and national officials. It takes less than five minutes and we are doing it weekly. Please join us in this important endeavor.

Next, I want you to know we are “Dedicated to Success” in safety and quality. I want you to know we are diligent in this effort to serve our customers. We work constantly to make everyone on the jobsite safer. We practice this culture of safety in all our facilities. We observe, listen and “act” to make all your employees and jobsite entrants as safe as possible. Our culture of safety is constantly evolving. Second, we endeavor to design and produce the highest quality products available for you. We work to provide equipment that produces the highest quality end product at the best overall cost. We have adopted a more advanced method of quality assurance in the past 12 months at Roadtec and we are seeing excellent results. We are dedicated to the success of our people and their growth, so they can properly serve you the customer.

In summary, cheer your favorite football team this season and enjoy this good year of business! Don’t take it for granted; write your letters to Washington D.C. and your local representatives. Again, thank you for your support of Roadtec, Inc. and all of Astec Industries. May all your employees be safe and healthy.


John Irvine

President, Roadtec, Inc. – a div. of Astec Industries Inc.