Astec BG 1800 Modular Batch Plant

The BG 1800 sets a new standard with its modularity, compact layout, maintenance friendliness and very well-thought expandability.

Bg 1800 Cover Photo

Astec introduces the BG 1800 Modular Batch Plant. Originating from years of experience in the asphalt mixing field, the Astec BG 1800 delivers sound performance paired with exceptional technology. The modular design of this compact plant assures setup ease and accommodates upgrades as your operation grows.

Astec unveiled its BG series of batch type plants at Bauma 2019. The BG 1800 which was erected at the Bauma show in Germany was well received; setting a new standard with its modularity, compact layout, maintenance friendliness and very well-thought expandability. The plant delivers the top-notch technical features of a large batch plant yet neatly packed with modularity and other future focused features Astec is known to deliver. 

Astec built its first batch plant in the 1970s, while revolutionizing & leading the technological development of the modern-day batch plants. During the ’80s and ’90s, Astec led and developed numerous patents for recycling through the dryer and the mixer unit, steam scavenging and oxidation arrestors on the pug mills for RAP etc. – technologies used worldwide throughout the industry today. However, with the worldwide popularity of the Double Barrel in the ’90s, the company only produced customized batch plants for select priority customers. 

While containerized or container friendly modular concepts are common, Astec’s approach to meet customer needs was completely different. Astec focused on features which deliver great value to users.  “The BG series is easy to set up, requires less ground space. and can be erected with minimal civil works. The lower height of the BG series means that a smaller crane is needed for a shorter duration for setup, reducing resource requirements and costs. Clever designs on the plant shorten material flow distances and allow exceptional ease in access to plant parts for maintenance”, states Blesson Varghese at Astec. At the heart of the product design is true productivity, uncompromised mix quality for durable pavements, high-efficiency, best-in-class operating costs and lower environmental impact.  

The BG series has six models ranging between 100 ton/hour to 320 ton/hour. The BG series offers options for recycling which include recycling through the dryer and the mixer. 

The BG series is distinct in its approach to efficiency and lower carbon footprints. The dryer drum is equipped with patented V flights, delivering a very high efficiency in its class. The V pack option, which is an intelligent heat exchange system, allows automatic control of the dryer drum speed to deliver maximum heat exchange between aggregates and gases, further increasing the overall efficiency and lower fuel consumption.  

“The multi fuel Wisper-Jet burner supplied on the plant has a patented fuel-air mixing technology that ensures the best possible combustion, while its closed system, silent operations and emission ratings make it a very desirable neighbor. A stepless control exhaust system ensures perfect gas flow rates, delivering the best savings in energy footprints. These features alone deliver around 25-30% energy savings compared to traditional combustion systems,” states Blesson Varghese of Astec Industries.  

An all new Batch plant control system from Astec built with large user-friendly screens and smart user interface delivers easy maneuverability and several tools to perfectly manage the asphalt plant operation. It’s reliability, ease and simplicity to use, make it a favorite among users.  

The expandability of the BG series was particularly appreciated by the users at the show. Evolution ready plug-n-play designs allow the BG plants to be expanded effortlessly for a wide range of mix production, recycling, hot mix storage and warm mix production.   

Astec BG 1800 benefits:

• Modular Design

• Easy Set Up

• Minimal Civil Works

• Recycling 0-50% (70% achievable with additional drum options)

• Evolution Ready

• Wide Options