There's a long history between Roadtec and CW Matthews. According to Bill Hammack, past president and current member of the board of directors for CW Matthews, the relationship began before Astec Industries was born. "We knew Don Brock many years before Astec existed; this was when he helped his dad with their family business of manufacturing oil heaters; this was even before Roadtec," said Hammack.

Roadtec Partner

Soon after Roadtec was created under Astec Industries as a subsidiary, the company started building asphalt pavers.

"It was about 1990 when Roadtec started building asphalt pavers and that was about the same time that CW Matthews started having issues with a new generation asphalt paver by another manufacturer. I recall Don Brock calling to ask if we'd test a prototype and give him feedback. This was the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship, and we've been working with Roadtec on its product line ever since."

It’s been a 25-year relationship based on trust, integrity, and a passion for the industry.

Highlights Over The Years

Over the years, there have been many highlights. Here are Bill Hammack's three points of interest:

  1. Partnership with first generation of Roadtec pavers. CW Matthews worked hand-in-hand with Roadtec, testing prototypes and paver changes. "Roadtec is very astute to the needs of the contractor; asking what the paver needs to accomplish; how can the paver be better. They would bring us a paver for comments on how it performed."
  2. Development of Roadtec milling machines. Back in the early 90's, CW Matthews was having difficulty with milling subcontractors. "We were doing a lot of main road and interstate and primary route inlay milling projects where the milling operation controlled everything. If the milling machine couldn't get out of the way then the pavers couldn't get started; trucks couldn't deliver the mix; plants couldn't produce the mix. Roadtec had some milling machines at the time, but not a mainline milling machine. We worked with Roadtec for a period of 2 to 3 years, in which they developed the RX-900, a machine CW Matthews uses today for mainline milling."
  3. Addition of Heavy Duty Broom to Roadtec product line. As milling became more popular with the use of recycled asphalt, the cleaning behind the milling machine was more and more of a problem. "The market did not have a heavy duty broom at this time. I got with Jeff Richmond, president of Roadtec, and mentioned the need for a heavy duty broom; it fit their product line. They went to work and we checked out a prototype. After a few changes and enhancements, Roadtec had a heavy duty broom."

Roadtec Value

What sets Roadtec apart from other major manufacturers of paving equipment is the unique ability to address and improve its product line, almost on an on-demand basis. "It's amazing to me over the years that when other vendors would come on the market with their new and improved model and it would not perform to expectations, we would be told that the next generation would address this issue and that generation might be a few years out. With Roadtec, they would address issues right away and as soon as they got the engineering models ready, that modification would go into production on their assembly line, no waiting until the next generation."

The Roadtec attitude is one that is oriented to the needs of the customer with an open channel of communication. "Jeff Richmond, president of Roadtec, would ask me, ‘How are we doing at taking care of CW Matthews?' That's refreshing."

Special Presentation

Roadtec presented retiring Bill Hammack with a plaque and a special edition RP-190e paver. "It was a surprise to me and much appreciated. I made sure our best paving foreman is using that machine; he told me he would keep it as clean as it was the day received."

Bill Hammack recently turned over the presidency, but is still on the board of directors for CW Matthews. "There is a new management structure with more board oversight. I helped set up this structure to carry CW Matthews into the third generation. The company is still family owned, and now professionally run," said Hammack.

Closing Thoughts

"Every corporation has a culture. With Roadtec, and all the Astec family of companies, it started with Don Brock. He did an excellent job of cultivating a culture of caring for the customer and that has served the company extremely well and will continue to serve the company well moving forward," said Hammack.