The outpouring of kindness and support at this time has been truly humbling. I appreciate all the stories shared, the thoughtful words, and the generous tributes to the man I called 'Dad.

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of Astec Industries, Inc. founder Dr. J. Don Brock. Many of you knew him personally, and those of you who did not certainly knew him by reputation. I had the great pleasure of knowing him as a father, as well as a mentor in this industry.

While he was a quiet and unassuming man in person, no one would argue with calling him a giant in the industry. His legacy includes the founding of Astec in addition to holding approximately 100 patents, many of which helped to change the industry, such as the long-term storage silo and the Double Barrel® dryer/mixer.

The vision for what would become Astec Industries, Inc., a corporation comprised of 18 companies that today employs approximately 4,000 workers around the globe and has sales of nearly one billion dollars, was laid out around a kitchen table among friends. One of those friends was Gail Mize, whose recent passing in January only deepens our sadness.

In December 2012, my dad shared the following in a letter to employees: "A mentor many years ago told me that to build a successful business you just need to build a quality product, give outstanding service, and touch the customers. Our core values really surround these three things. As the next generations take over the management of the company, we believe that these basic core values will continue to be instilled across the Astec family of companies."

What a mentor shared with dad, he shared with me, and shared with everyone he met. Astec Industries stands strong today due to a solid foundation created so many years ago, and will continue to be an industry leader on many fronts in the years ahead.


Ben Brock