Hello to all my friends in the industry, I'm back!

John Irvine, Executive VP, Astec, Inc.
John Irvine, Executive VP, Astec, Inc.

For almost the last three years, I have been working as vice president of operations at Roadtec. Previous to this, I managed Roadtec's sales and marketing for nine years as the vice president of sales; so I got to know many of you in this capacity. I have worked in the paving or paving equipment manufacturing business for the last 40 years, attending numerous NAPA Meetings, Con-Expos, and industry events (domestically and internationally). I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Astec's Innovative Technologies

We have many new innovative products waiting for you at Astec, Inc., including high-RAP mixing technology, temperature monitoring of drum stack to save on fuel usage (V-Pack ™), and the new super-portable Voyager ™ asphalt plants ideally suited for small quarry operations, gravel pits, and mobile international installations. These are just a few of the innovative ideas to make you more competitive in today's tough economic markets and bid lettings. Our number one Core Value is: "Continuous devotion to meet the needs of our customers." Let us do that for you.

The Focus On America's Infrastructure

Continuous devotion to meet the needs of our customers.

This brings me to the essence of this "Point of View." I have been writing to Washington, D.C. and our elected officials for a few years in hopes of getting a long-term highway bill. I have not become discouraged. I have committed to persevere. All elected officials know that "jobs" are the way to strengthen America and all have pledged to create jobs to get elected. At the same time, our elected officials have agreed to be fiscally responsible—we expect them to be. It is a fact that Americans pay the least per gallon gas/diesel tax of the civilized world today and that our nation's highway infrastructure was once envied by the world. Today, the United States of America is ranked below number 15 in any survey. This is creating debt for our future generations. Why then are those in Washington, D.C. so afraid to raise the gas/diesel tax to support our highway infrastructure and create jobs?

Learning From The Past To Move Forward

America needs to lead the world out of this global recession. Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew what leadership was; he knew what to do when our country was ailing. You spend money on sustained infrastructure, not stimulus packages that supplement new car purchases, telephones for the less fortunate, etc. Roosevelt spent money on projects that created assets for the nation. Most of these are still in existence today, providing value for taxpayers and their children.

Don't Let America Dead End

We need a "user fee" increase. This is a not a tax. If you ride the bus, train, or fly in a plane, you pay a user fee. When you drive on the nations roads, you must do the same. Whether you do it in the form of a license fee for hybrid or electric vehicles, or a gas/diesel price per gallon, you must pay. Please "Don’t Let America Dead End." Get your employees and suppliers involved. Don’t get discouraged; don’t give up. Keep writing letters to your elected officials because your children and grandchildren need safe roads. Future generations don’t need to be burdened by the debt created by letting our infrastructure decline further. Take 5 minutes and write your letter today! Go to DontLetAmericaDeadEnd.com to get started.

Thank you for your business (to existing customers) and thank you in advance to those who are new to Astec Industries. Let us serve you.