When the time came to purchase another asphalt paver, the high quality and longer lifecycle of Carlson Paving's machines were significant determining factors.

Choosing the right paving equipment to buy can be a daunting task, especially for commercial paving companies. Weighing operating costs, maintenance, longevity, and other crucial factors, the decision process can be lengthy and tiring. Yet for Todd DeVries, vice president of Site Services in Highland, Indiana, his choice in commercial class asphalt paver has never been in doubt. When needing a new paver, he has looked to Carlson Paving Products in Tacoma, Washington, for his machines.

While in the market for a new machine in early 2010, DeVries had heard that Carlson was building its own commercial class paver. Having known the Carlson name as the leader in highway class asphalt screeds for years, the prospect of the Tacoma-based manufacturer producing such a machine was enticing. While visiting a trade show in March 2010, DeVries saw Carlson's new paver and was immediately sold on it, buying the show machine on the spot.

Fast forward five years and DeVries again turned to Carlson for a new paver to go along with his CP90. Taking delivery of his CP100 in February 2015, DeVries and Site Services are prepared to tackle the upcoming paving season with confidence.

A Need for a Screed

Operating throughout northwest Indiana and Chicago's south suburbs, Site Services has grown from a small pavement maintenance company to a business that offers a wide range of paving services for commercial, residential, and industrial clients. The company entered into the asphalt paving business with the purchase of its first paver in 1998, but found reoccurring problems with the existing platforms and screeds over time.

"For years, we were really struggling with commercial class pavers failing to consistently lay a quality mat day after day" said DeVries. "The machines at the time had very little in terms of adjustments to account for component wear. They were also no longer adequate for the newer, more difficult mix designs and the trending towards lower slopes for drainage."

"When I saw Carlson coming out with a paver I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Who better to design and build a machine than a company whose name is synonymous with top-quality screeds?"

Upon taking delivery of its CP90 in 2010, Site Services found the commercial class paver and screed to live up to the high expectations. While DeVries' previous pavers struggled to adapt to the changes occurring in commercial paving, the CP90 enabled Site Services to expand its abilities and customer base.

"Our paver has performed well laying all kinds of different materials, including standard commercial asphalts, state specified designs, porous asphalts, and heavily modified designs (Superpave) to name a few."

Carlson’s attitude toward keeping our machine running at top quality is the same now as it was when it was under warranty.

Built to pave

The design and build quality of a machine plays a heavy role in any commercial paving company's decision to purchase a new paver. For Site Services, the quality of the CP90's build and longevity of critical components became a significant motivator to invest in a new Carlson CP100.

"At 3,000 hours, we have yet to replace any major wear component, such as conveyor slats, chains, augers, major track components, screed plates, etc. Most only appear to be slightly worn. Carlson is definitely breaking the practice of the commercial class paver being a ‘disposable' machine."

Rather than replacing parts and suffering prolonged maintenance downtime, DeVries and his company have been able to continue paving and winning job bids. After five years of significant use with no critical parts failures, the decision of which new paver to buy became clear.

"I bought another [Carlson] machine because of the overall quality," DeVries explained. "Overall, it's simply another solid paver by Carlson."

Your Partner in Paving

While impressed by the heavy duty construction and paving performance of its Carlson paver, it was the service that DeVries and his company received from the manufacturer that sealed the deal in the final decision to purchase another CP machine.

"The way Carlson supports its machines is unlike any manufacturer," stated DeVries. "They become your partner in paving as opposed to simply selling you a machine and then disappearing until you need another one. When something had an issue, it was addressed and fixed properly the first time. Even when issues weren't occurring, Carlson still was proactive in updating machines to ensure the highest quality."

Such prompt service and dedication to the customer was felt even when their machine had well passed its warranty. While prior experiences with other manufacturers' product support were sour, Todd DeVries and Site Services were impressed by the reception they received from Carlson.

"Their attitude toward keeping our machine running at top quality is the same now as it was when it was under warranty. They truly care about having a quality product and they listen to the contractors, mechanics, operators, and screw men."