Last month, regional parts sales manager Greg Painter celebrated his thirty-first year with Astec, Inc., which means that customers in Virginia and the Carolinas—Greg’s territory (one of eleven Astec territories that cover all of the United States and Canada)—can count on a wealth of experience when he’s at their plants. It’s an advantage stemming from his familiarity with Astec equipment and parts from his early days as a parts technician, an advantage he shares with his customers and the rest of the Astec team.


“I am meticulous about having information from the plants for my parts technicians,” Greg said. “I was an estimator for twelve years and came out of the parts department. I’ve got a heart for the people who sit behind the phone and sell parts because I’ve been there.”

Greg Painter

Greg noted that is it critical to collect as many details as he can from each plant to make it easier for parts technicians to find the correct parts a customer needs. “I try to get pictures of the plant and the parts,” he added, to ensure his customers know he’s looking out for them by getting the right part when they need it.


Being on the road four or five days per week, Greg is the face of Astec, Inc. for most of his customers. Customer relationships in the field are key when customers need to communicate large amounts of critical parts information rapidly in order to meet their goals. Having a face they can trust helps greatly.

“I enjoy getting out and meeting people—it works best for the customers,” Greg shared, “and I can say that today most of my family and friends are people out here on the road in my territory. I enjoy working with them, and I know the other parts people feel the same way.”


Relationships are built on a daily basis, and all of the regional parts sales managers play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for their customers. Sometimes this means stepping outside the letter-by-letter definition of their job description.

“Those of us who have been with Astec for a number of years—many are like me who actually came up through the shop,” Greg noted. “While we’re on the road, we’re actually service men, not only parts people and sales people. We’re part of the service department and part of manufacturing because we can look in the field and gather the information they may need.” 

Greg emphasized that regional parts sales managers perform routine inspections for no charge. Because they’re out in the field, they can inspect customer drum mixers and silos—constantly checking the status of different parts in use at the plants, checking their wear, and providing quotes for equipment.

“I was with a customer putting a gas train on a burner,” Greg recalled. “I worked with the service department to help him install it on the piece of equipment before the service tech came out to complete the final hook up. We wear so many hats out here. For example, I’ve taken pictures of plants and situations to help our service technicians better prepare for what they’ll find once they’re at the plant.”


Having a person in the field at their customers’ plants is an advantage of working with Astec, Inc. Regional parts sales managers like Greg Painter are more than just a sales contact or a toll-free number to the service department, they are the eyes on the ground of a committed partner.