Double Barrel® drum scale model
Double Barrel® drum
Voyager 120 scale model
Voyager 120
Double Barrel® XHR drum scale model
Double Barrel® XHR drum

It’s going to be a busy March and April as Astec, Inc. prepares for two trade shows: World of Asphalt in Nashville, Tennessee, and Bauma in Munich, Germany.

Bauma 2013
World of Asphalt 2015

World Of Asphalt

Astec, Inc. will be exhibiting at World of Asphalt at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee, March 22–24, 2016. Inside Booth 2341, Astec will showcase a model of its premium counter-flow aggregate drum dryer, the Double Barrel® XHR, with an external asphalt mixer that can produce up to 400 TPH (362 MTPH) of mix with up to 65 percent RAP/RAS (reclaimed asphalt pavement/recycled asphalt shingles) content. Being featured via video will be the world’s bestselling portable asphalt facility, the Astec Six Pack®asphalt mixing facility, the highly-portable Voyager 120 plant, with the ability to run up to 30 percent RAP, and Astec’s flagship counter-flow aggregate drum dryer asphalt mixer, the Double Barrel® drum.


Astec, Inc. will be exhibiting at the 31st edition of Bauma, taking place in Munich, Germany, from April 11–17, 2016. Occupying stand number FS.1111/3, Astec will display the 1/8-scale model of a complete Astec M-Pack® relocatable asphalt facility and a 1/8-scale model of a complete Astec Six-Pack® portable asphalt facility. A cut-away model of Astec’s flagship Double Barrel® drum dryer/mixer will be on display. The Double Barrel® dryer/drum mixer combines the functions of a dryer and a continuous-process mixer in one compact, efficient system.

There will also be two compact, highly portable plants on display: a scale model of the Voyager 120 asphalt plant that features a counter-flow drum and an actual full-size Astec Double Barrel® drum dryer/mixer and cold feed load from a Double Barrel® Express plant. Both plants use V-flights in the drum to provide greater uniformity of the aggregate veil during the drying process.

Astec’s ground-breaking and state-of-the-art wood pellet plant model will make its European debut. Attendees can learn more about the innovations on the unique design of the plant, featuring redundant, parallel production lines.

Also making its debut is the Astec RAP pre-dryer model, which uses excess heat from the Double Barrel® drum to pre-dry RAP before it’s introduced into the drum. With this configuration, an asphalt mixing plant can increase efficiency and RAP usage.

Meet And Greet

Trade shows are an excellent venue to meet existing and prospective customers. Astec, Inc. looks forward to meeting with attendees and sharing the innovative technologies that sets Astec apart from others in the industry.