Rick Worth started his career as a service engineer with Barber-Greene in the early 1980's. He came to Astec as a service technician in 1987, advancing to a service support coordinator. It was during this time that Dr. J. Don Brock approached Rick and shared that he "wanted to put the teeth back into Astec's service schools."

To meet this challenge, Rick became the customer schools and education coordinator and is credited with starting the breakout-session format that the current Astec Advanced Customer Schools use for training.

Natural Transition

Rick moved to the Parts Department as a regional parts manager in 2007, starting with a territory consisting of Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. In late 2014, Rick traded Missouri for the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, his home state where family still resides.

"Adding Michigan in August 2014 has given me a whole new territory to service this year," stated Rick. "I know quite a few people and customers from growing up there and from my days with Barber-Greene; it's been nice to reacquaint myself with people from the area."

My customers are more than just a stop on my route; they are my teachers and my friends.

Training at its Best

Rick spends most of his time up North taking care of his territory. During Astec Advanced Customer Schools, Rick returns to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to visit with his customers during the weeks of training. "The benefit received from Astec training is an important element to overall success," said Rick. "When I meet with plant owners and their personnel, I hear first-hand how operations have excelled after hands-on training at Astec."

Insider Perspective

By combining all the experience Rick has gained over the years, it's easy for him to assist customers. Simply said, Rick knows how an asphalt plant operates.

"Having a service background has given me an insider perspective for handling issues as they arise," said Rick. "What I learn from one customer's plant I may be able to use at another's facility; I'm constantly acquiring new information and sharing Astec's innovative technologies with my customer base. I know from my time as a service technician how an asphalt plant works and I share my knowledge with those I service in the field."

Resource on the Road

With visiting customers and phone calls in between, Rick keeps a busy schedule.

"My number one goal is to be a resource to the customer. I'm dedicated to providing customer service that's a level above what is expected. That's me, committed to being a resource on the road. I try to help as many of my customers as I can; customer service is more than just parts."

In Rick's spare time on the weekends in Michigan, if the weather is nice, you'll spot him on the Great Lakes in his boat trolling for salmon. And if his customers have time, they may join him on the water.