As smartphones continue to revolutionize the way people connect and do business, asphalt producers are looking for ways to use their mobile devices and new technology to help them be more productive. In response, Heatec, Inc. has developed Recon™, an innovative system that monitors asphalt heaters and storage tanks. Asphalt plant owners and operators are now able to monitor critical operations at their facilities and avert problems that could cause a costly shut down of their operations.

Live Monitoring

The Recon system enables plant personnel to remotely monitor the live status of asphalt heaters and asphalt storage tanks at their plants. The Recon monitor shows heater alarm status, hot oil temperatures, asphalt tank temperatures, tank liquid levels, and tank mixer on-off state. Current Recon systems can monitor up to six tanks and two heaters, depending on the model selected. Operators use this information to avoid unwanted shutdowns, keep close watch on asphalt usage, and supervise inventories. Additional options can be developed to meet customer needs.

Managers of asphalt facilities in the U.S. and Canada are showing a remarkable response to the Recon monitor system. Heatec, Inc. introduced the system in late 2015. As of July 2016, Recon units are in operation at 23 facilities and in the process of being installed at nine others. Heatec is also working through a significant backlog of orders for additional units.

Recon in the Field

King Asphalt has been in business since 1973, and currently owns and operates three asphalt plants in upper South Carolina. The Recon system was installed at its Pacolet, South Carolina, plant about six months ago. By the end of the year, King Asphalt hopes to have a second Recon system in place at another location.

Chris Cook, plant superintendent at King Asphalt, says he likes the remote access that his Recon system provides. He uses his iPhone to keep close watch on tank levels and temperatures at their facility. And he looks forward to finding ways to use the historical data that the system records.

Chris continued, “Heatec and its products have been a great asset to our company over the years and I believe the Recon system will prove to be another one of those great assets.”