Why is this date important? It's the day funding runs out for America's highways; it's the deadline for Congress to take action; it's the target date for a long-term solution.

To encourage a long-term solution, Astec Industries is leading a new national effort to rally Americans and transportation-industry-related groups to encourage Congress to pass a long-term highway bill with increased funding.

Astec Industries leads national movement to pass long-term Highway Trust Fund.


The Astec-led movement, "Don't Let America Dead End," includes a national trade ad campaign, direct outreach to federally elected officials, email marketing, sales-force effort, educational materials, a new website as the campaign's "Take Action" center, and much more.

"We need all the industries that support and use America's highways—construction, road paving, material production, and others—to help us reach out to federal-elected representatives via email, phone calls, and visits to share why it's necessary to fund highway investment," said Ben Brock, president and CEO of Astec Industries. "We, as an industry, mistakenly feel like there's nothing we can do to solve the funding crisis facing our nation's highways. And that's not true. It's up to us to show our collective influence and educate our representation on the positive effects of passing a long-term highway bill with increased funding."

Proper Funding Needed

Over the last few years, instead of approving highway funding, Congress has granted a series of extensions. With no long-term solution, and only short-term "fixes" for years, America's infrastructure continues to deteriorate. If, in 2015, Congress waits to agree on a long-term solution, the U.S. government will end up once again settling for a short-term "Band-Aid" over a much larger problem.

One Person Makes a Difference

Simply stated, one person can make a difference. By letting your voice be heard, you join a collective position on an issue. Our representatives and senators in Congress DO pay attention to correspondence received on the issues of the day. Whatever your position on the matter, speak out—join the political undercurrent that sways our nation.

"Without the confidence of a viable long-term solution for funding, roadway planning and projects have suffered," said Brock. "It just makes sense for our elected officials in Washington, D.C., to pass a long-term highway bill with increased funding."

For more information about how to support the "Don't Let America Dead End" campaign and take action, visit www.DontLetAmericaDeadEnd.com and follow the conversation on Twitter @DontDeadEnd.