Comprised of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington D.C., the mid-Atlantic region is not as large as some of the territories, geographically, but what it lacks in land mass, it makes up for in population density.

It’s safe to say that Astec’s Tom Ondo, regional parts sales manager for the mid-Atlantic region, enjoys his position, and not just from a sales standpoint. “What I like about sales in general is helping my customers overcome challenges, solving problems for them—or helping them solve problems—helping them get better, and just being sure that they’re able to operate when they need to,” said Tom.

Regional Challenges

It’s rewarding to be a part of the Astec sales team, delivering top-notch customer service in my territory.

The mid-Atlantic region has its own unique challenge—winter. “Here in the Northeast, we have a limited window of opportunity, as far as the paving industry is concerned. We have to be sure that customers are able to run their plants during the summer months. Winter always wins,” shared Tom. “When it gets cold, you can’t work, so any day lost in summertime is gone forever—you just don’t get it back.”

Winter is the time when Tom’s customers perform maintenance and repairs, which means having the right parts available is non-negotiable. Anticipating the needs of the customer, including any projects they may work on during the winter months, is all part of the territory. “In the summertime, we’re looking to minimize downtime. In the winter months, we’re working to ensure that we have the proper parts and make the right selections for any maintenance issue,” noted Tom.

Adjusting Perspectives

Before joining Astec, Tom worked in the cement business. “I did concrete highway paving. I believe my background in a related field allows me to bring a different perspective to my position,” said Tom.

August 15 marked Tom’s ninth year with Astec. He has come a long way since those first couple of years, when learning the parts and terminology was a challenge. While the job still provides him something new to learn every day—keeping it interesting—he continues to push himself. “I set goals for myself to increase the sales in my region. I’m always looking for challenges and opportunities.”

Tom says that throughout the jobs he’s had over the years, Astec has been his favorite. “I like sales; the Parts Department is a wonderful group to work with. There’s a lot of internal support—Astec’s been a great company to work for.”

The Man Behind the Job

When he’s not helping his customers, Tom can be found at a weekend car show or jamming out at a concert—he recently saw Paul McCartney—or spending some quality time with his wife and two sons. “When the boys were in school, there was always a lot of action going on, a lot of activities. Since they’re grown now, we have a little more free time on the weekends,” said Tom, but adds that much of this newfound free time is spent on his and his wife’s two dogs.

“I enjoy going to the beach,” Tom said regarding vacationing. “My wife’s sister lives in Arizona, so we enjoy going there.” A former volleyball player, Tom now gets most of his sports fix from college football. “One of my sons played football in college, so we went to his games,” said Tom, “and as a Penn State alumnus, I enjoy watching the Nittany Lions take the field.”