Heatec Recon smartphone app
Heatec Recon smartphone

Heatec offers a new product called RECON™. It’s a monitor that informs operators about the status of asphalt storage tanks and oil heaters at their HMA plant. It’s a web-based system that can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Heatec spent nearly a year configuring the product when operators at HMA plants began asking about possibilities using the Internet. They wanted to know if it might be possible to monitor their asphalt heating and storage systems using a smartphone.

Customers helped in its development by purchasing early versions and making suggestions for improvement. The RECON display screen shows the real-time status of the hot oil heater that heats the asphalt tanks and the status of the asphalt stored in the tanks. One version shows the status of the plant heater and up to three tanks while another version shows the status of two plant heaters and up to six tanks.

Other screens show trend data that enables operators to better manage usage. The trend data can be printed and other options are available. The system can be programmed to send an email alert message when abnormal conditions of the heater and/or tanks are encountered. The system can easily be retrofitted to many existing plants without upgrading existing equipment.

For questions on compatibility, price, installation, and operation, contact Heatec at 800.235.5200 or 423.821.5200, and ask to speak to one of the technicians in the Parts Department.