Having the Dillman Unidrum™ with its unique design elements allows for fuel efficiency and top-notch HMA for our projects and our customers.

Located near Los Angeles, California, Sully-Miller has had an interest in asphalt since 1923. As the Los Angeles basin grew, Sully-Miller grew as well and strategically placed asphalt plants in the surrounding areas to provide customers with hot-mix asphalt (HMA) and also supply the company's local projects with mix.

One asphalt location is the South Gate plant located in Brea, California. In 2012, Sully-Miller replaced this location's drum with a Unidrum™ from Dillman, a division of Astec, Inc. The Dillman Unidrum has a high-quality counterflow design making it a heavy-duty drum for asphalt pavement producers needing high-quality mix.


Sully Miller's new Dillman UniDrum

The old drum, from another manufacturer, had worn out to the point of needing replacement. Looking to upgrade the drum to gain efficiency and high-quality mix, Sully-Miller looked at the latest innovations from Dillman.

Equipped with an extra-long drum, the UniDrum is uniquely capable of producing quality hot-mix with high recycle percentages. The UniDrum has many outstanding design features such as patented flighting, exclusive single point trunnion adjustment, and unique recycle entry.

According to Dillman, the Unidrum's patented flights are adjustable to control the baghouse temperature and moisture removal from the aggregate. The single point trunnion adjustment is a unique pivot pin system, which allows the operator to dial in the dryer quickly and without any special equipment.

Marty Caruso with Sully-Miller at the South Gate plant location continued: "The Unidrum's extra-long length allows for maximum mixing and drying time. We're more productive and using less fuel for the mixing process. The inlet into the drum lets us add recycle into the hot aggregate, bringing the recycle up to temperature and removing any moisture. Adjusting the trunnion for proper rotation reduces wear and tear. We also added the wear package, which is a lining inside the drum to protect the shell. Replacing the old drum with the Dillman Unidrum has been a benefit for us."