To contact Congress and encourage them to make America’s highways a priority in 2017, visit www.DontLetAmericaDeadEnd.us.
If we don’t take action now, the future of our entire interstate roadway system is at stake, along with our economic future.

It’s no secret that America’s highway infrastructure is in disrepair. Aging bridges, inadequate interstate highways, and lack of new major roadways are critical challenges facing our newly elected federal officials. That’s why Astec Industries, an advocate for elected officials in our Federal government to create long-term transportation solutions, is encouraging businesses and citizens to contact federal lawmakers and urge them to make our nation’s highways a top priority in 2017.

“Elected officials in Washington, DC are tasked with passing legislation that helps all Americans, and it’s very important that they address our nation’s infrastructure in a big, sustainable way now,” said Ben Brock, president and CEO of Astec Industries, Inc. “In 2015, we spearheaded the ‘Don’t Let America Dead End’ campaign that generated thousands of letters to Congress urging them to find a long-term solution for the Highway Trust Fund. The effort was successful because Congress did pass a long-term highway bill later that year. We want to ensure that long-term funding for our highway infrastructure remains a priority with our new federal legislators.” 

The Highway Trust Fund was established in 1956 and funded by a gas tax. The fund has historically not generated enough income to maintain and improve the nation’s highways, due in part to the fact that the tax has not increased since 1993. In addition, while the Highway Trust Fund was originally created to fund road and bridge maintenance and construction, it now provides money for bike paths, pedestrian walkways, beautification projects, museums, and others. 

“The Highway Trust Fund needs to be dedicated to our nation’s highways and bridges, which is what it was originally intended to do,” said Brock. “Our highway infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating and needs more capacity for our increasing population and economical freight movement. We must ensure that funding is committed specifically to our highways, and that increased revenue streams are allocated to the Highway Trust Fund. If we don’t take action now, the future of our entire interstate roadway system is at stake, along with our economic future.”