CEI Fusion™ Hybrid Process Ready Mix Plant ready for demo.
CEI Fusion™ Hybrid Process Ready Mix Plant ready for demo at CEI’s manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

CEI Enterprises has completed construction of a Fusion ready-mix plant and installed it at the company’s manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. CEI intends to demo this plant, showcasing its hybrid process blending technology, for segments of the ready-mix concrete market this year.

Why is it called a “Hybrid Process Ready Mix Plant?” CEI has leveraged precision aggregate blending technology from the asphalt industry and combined it with established methods for metering cement and water. The result is a hybrid process that yields better aggregate blending with fewer voids. The reduction in voids allows the production of high-quality concrete, using proportionately less cement than older methods.

The core of the Fusion plant is the aggregate blending unit. A series of in-line bins holds multiple sizes of aggregates, as well as sand. Each bin releases to its own feed conveyor that is fitted with its own belt scale. This provides precision metering of each aggregate. The feed conveyors for each bin discharge onto a collecting conveyor below. The aggregates are blended in layers, and fed directly into the mixer.

This proven technique for blending aggregates has been a standard feature of asphalt plants for more than 30 years. CEI has extensive experience in this type of aggregate blending, having produced asphalt plant equipment since 1969. As an Astec Industries company, CEI is also able to leverage the most established and accurate aggregate blending technology available.

The demo plant features a three-bin aggregate blending unit. CEI forecasts that three-bin and four-bin units will be the most common arrangement of future sales. Additional bins can be added to existing ones, allowing for considerable expansion of mix variety.