Carlson Easy Screed IV

Addressing the longstanding issue within the asphalt paving industry of inadequate density at longitudinal joints, Carlson Paving Products introduces its revolutionary joint density attachments in the 4 Inch High Density Bolt-on and Sideload Endgate Attachment. When used together, the 4 in (10.16 cm) Bolt-on and Sideload work in unison to extrude increased material into longitudinal joints for more impervious joints and exceptional density figures. In combining the Sideload’s 4 times edge compaction with the 4 in (10.16 cm) Bolt-on’s 4 times angle of attack, Carlson’s density attachments enable contractors to hit density figures without lifting the screed or affecting screed operation. Manufactured with hardened steel, advanced heating elements and heavy duty components, contractors are able to achieve exceptional longitudinal joint density numbers all paving season long and beyond without the use of pie cutters or formation of “Michigan Joints.” www.carlsonpavingproducts.com