At the core of every Astec asphalt plant is a burner, operating with efficiency and reliability. With five burner options available, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your plant’s configuration. Let’s take a closer look at Astec’s burners:



The Phoenix Talon burner delivers very low emissions combined with energy efficiency, all due to using the latest burner technology. An optional silencing package makes it possible to have a phone conversation on the burner platform while it is firing. Advanced Emission Reduction. The Phoenix Talon uses precise, high-quality mixing of air and gaseous fuel to achieve reduced emissions. This is accomplished by turbulent tube mixers thoroughly mixing the air and gaseous fuels for low CO and NOX emissions. The advanced compressed air, oil nozzle, and air swirler design achieves self-circulation and very rapid burning creating some of the lowest oil firing emissions available today. Electric Power Efficiency. The variable speed main combustion blower uses significantly less electrical energy and helps provide precise firing rate control. This eliminates the need for an air damper and for drive motor adjustments and maintenance. Firing Efficiency. The most compact flame available with a small combustion zone is created by the high quality mixing of air and fuel. This ensures that all of the fuel is combusted for peak efficiency without diminishing dryer heating capacity. The Phoenix Talon burner is the second most common burner manufactured by Astec. The burner fits in almost any drum. It is a preferred gas burner, but does a good job on oils. A plant owner ordering a standard plant could chose the Phoenix Talon. This burner is emissions friendly, quieter, and uses less power consumption. Its versatility allows it to run on a variety of fuels. Models range from 50 million to 150 million BTU per hour.



Phoenix Fury Burner

The Phoenix Fury burner is the most simple with its robust build, making it a cost-effective choice. It is an open-fire design able to achieve better emissions and fuel efficiency by putting 50 percent more combustion air through the burner than competitive designs. For noise concerns, the burner has an optional silencer.

Simple and Efficient. The rugged design keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. Efficient combustion is achieved with fast swirling, high-energy air. The swirling air and flame are created by the fixed internal spin vanes, high-pressure blower, and the high velocity nose.

Compact Flame Shape. The Phoenix Fury burner burns natural gas and fuel oil cleanly. Its compact flame makes the burner compatible with almost all drum designs; no complicated adjustments needed. 

No Compressed Air. The Astec designed pre-filming fuel nozzle uses the combustion air from the high-pressure blower to atomize fuel. This eliminates the need for compressed air at the burner, and helps increase the life of the nozzle. 

Reliability. For the most reliable oil light-off, the Phoenix Fury burner comes equipped with Astec’s exclusive heat tracing and insulation system on heavy oil burners. This system makes light-off dependable, even in cold and harsh conditions. 

The Phoenix Fury burner is the solution for the plant owner wanting a solid, reliable burner for low-cost plants or for low-cost retrofits. The models of the Fury range from 25 million to 100 million BTU per hour.


Phoenix Biomass Burner

The Phoenix Biomass burner is designed to burn wood dust. Its combustion system uses a wood preparation skid that reduces the size of the incoming wood fuel and delivers it to the burner. The burner uses a refractory combustion chamber to help support the combustion. 

Multiple Fuel Options. The Phoenix Biomass burner can use natural gas, #2 oil, recycled fuel oil, or heavy oil as a support fuel for continuous ignition of the biomass fuel. In the upper part of the firing range, the support fuel can be turned off, allowing the burner to run on 100 percent biomass fuel. In the event that the biomass supply is not available, the support fuel can fire at 100 percent of rated capacity.

Compact Flame. A compact flame is produced as a result of the burner design and its combustion system, which is easily adapted to modern aggregate dryer designs.

No Visible Stack Emissions. Comparable to emissions produced when burning waste oil, the Phoenix Biomass burner emits virtually no smoke. Stack emissions are at zero percent opacity.


Whisper Jet Burner

The Whisper Jet was the first burner developed by Astec. The burner burns oil or gas cleanly and efficiently. Its compact flame makes it compatible with virtually all drum designs without complicated adjustments.

Trouble-free Maintenance and Operation. The careful design of the Whisper Jet burner virtually eliminates maintenance and downtime. The burner is comprised of the highest quality, field-proven components. Astec’s exclusive heat tracing and insulation system is supplied on heavy oil burners for reliable light-off.

Low Combustion and Noise Emissions. The Whisper Jet burner uses unique, patented technology to burn clean and efficiently. Synonymous with its name, the burner is designed to reduce burner noise over other burners.*

Efficient Combustion. Rapidly swirling high energy is the key to the Whisper Jet burner’s efficient combustion. The swirling air and flame are created by the fixed internal spin vanes and the patented castellated nose, ring, and nozzle design.

The Whisper Jet burner is the typical workhorse burner and does not require a sophisticated control system.


Phoenix Phantom Burner

The Phoenix Phantom burner is the only burner in the hot-mix asphalt industry using the latest technology to achieve lean burn premix. This is the precise and complete mixing of air and gaseous fuel for low NOx and CO. The Phoenix Phantom burner’s multiple parallel turbulent tube mixer mixes fuel and air almost perfectly.

Reliable and Efficient Firing. Variable speed blower controls provide damper-less air flow control. For the most accurate and reliable burner control, combustion air and fuel flow meters can be combined with Astec PLC/computer burner controls. 

Compact Flame. The compact flame contributes to the burner’s efficiency by ensuring that all of the fuel is combusted without losing dryer heating capacity.

The Phoenix Phantom burner is the solution in areas where Ultra-Low NOx emission limits are a concern. The Phoenix Phantom burner is not supplied with an optional oil nozzle because its premium Ultra-Low emissions technology applies to gaseous fuels only. 

With retrofit capabilities, Astec is able to offer everything from a simple burner replacement to a complete installed system. Prior to shipment, each burner is tested on one of Astec’s two, quad-fuel (oil, gas, and coal) test stands to ensure fast and easy start-up at installation.