Providing the resources to scale up through capability and portability is the driver behind continued success for Roads 2000.

It’s bigger than Texas, but down under the state is called Western Australia. Just like doing business in Texas, if you want to be truly competitive across this vast state, you must be prepared to travel long distances, and so must your asphalt plants.

Nick and Corrinna Politis are the owners, directors, and operators of Roads 2000, an asphalt company based in Perth, Western Australia. The success of this business is due to their dedication, high standards, quality, and outstanding customer service. Nick and Corrinna know that to provide outstanding service, they must have quality equipment that is productive, reliable, and well supported.

Upgrade for Growth

Nick and Corrinna have steadily grown their business since the late 1990’s; but in 2011, they knew an upgrade to their production facility was a must if business growth was to be maintained. After visiting the Astec facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the decision was made to add an Astec long-term storage system to their batch plant. The reason for doing this was simple, yet effective. Roads 2000 needed to reduce the truck waiting time at the plant and increase the productivity of the laying crews—Astec’s New Generation storage system would solve both problems at the same time.

Astec New Generation storage silos are designed to store mix for four days without loss of mix quality, with the exception of polymer modified and open-graded mixes.

Long-term Storage

Roads 2000’s first upgrade in 2012 consisted of adding an Astec 300-ton (272 tonne) long-term storage silo to its 60 TPH (54 MTPH) batch plant to increase productivity. Astec silos can store hot-mix asphalt (HMA) at 329 degrees F (165 degrees C) for four days without losing temperature. Roads 2000’s previous restriction was making enough HMA through its small batch plant to feed its growing business. By adding the long-term storage silo, the bottle neck under the batch tower was removed and almost doubled the amount of business that could be undertaken on any given day. As planned, there was as an added bonus as the paving crews also became more productive, now laying more tons per day.

According to the Roads 2000’s paving crew: “Having hundreds of tons of hot mix up in the air certainly gives us a big head start on our projects’ work, and our ex-bin customers love it, too. They know that there is no waiting at our plant. They just load their trucks and go like we do.” Pleased with the results, Nick and Corrinna made additional Astec plant upgrades, adding a third Astec silo in 2014 to increase the system’s storage capacity to 450 tons (408 tonnes).

“Increasing our long-term storage capacity by a further 50 percent was a quick and simple thing to do. When we built our first Astec storage system, we included concrete foundations for a future silo. This proved to be the right decision and cost-effective,” said Corrinna.

Portability Matters

In 2015, Roads 2000 added a portable plant to produce mix for its contracting business in remote locations. Astec’s Voyager 120 portable plant was the preferred choice. In 2016, Roads 2000 added a second Astec Voyager 120 portable plant.

Nick recounted the addition of the first Voyager plant: “Astec had added a new plant to its product line through its Dillman Division. The Unified Counterflow Drum was already popular in larger plants, but this portable version was relatively new. They promised to road register the plant with the Western Australia Department of Transport. They promised us a 120 MTPH (132 TPH) plant which could be set up and operational in eight hours with 30 percent RAP and warm-mix capability. To be completely honest, when the plant first arrived, it did not meet our expectations, and I told them so. They listened to us and the way they responded was superb. You often hear people tell you that they will look after you and they won’t let you down, but having experienced Astec’s service and support now over many years, I can tell you first-hand that when they say they will deliver, you can trust them 100 percent to do just that. From David Smale and his team in Australia, right through to Rick Hodge who travels here from America, all add great value.”

When you operate in a state as big as Texas, like Western Australia, having a supplier who is devoted to your needs is paramount.

Evolving Partnership

Since first visiting Chattanooga back in 2011 and sitting down with the late Dr. Brock and his son Ben to talk about plants, business, and life in general, the partnership between the Roads 2000 and Astec has continued to evolve.

Nick and Corrinna commented: “Fixed or portable, Astec’s capability is first-rate, as is its service and support. The team at Astec Australia cares for their customers and lives by Astec’s first core value, which is continuous devotion to meeting the needs of their customers.”

For more information about Roads 2000, visit their website: http://www.roads2000.com.au.