The Dillman Service Department disassembles a fertilizer tower
The Dillman Service Department disassembles a fertilizer tower in preparation for a new tower to be erected.

It's been a busy year for Dillman, and it's not over yet. The company known in the asphalt industry as a hot-mix asphalt (HMA) plant manufacturer is breaking new ground into the industrial and agricultural markets.

"At Dillman, we are more than just a hot-mix asphalt plant manufacturer; we know our parts and expertise have crossover ability into other markets using components and services we know well. Whether it's an electric motor, bearing, or belts, we have the expertise to source those parts for industrial, agricultural, and power generation industries," said Tony Schwab, vice president and general manager with Dillman, a division of Astec, Inc. "Our knowledge of setting up new plants and handling retrofits can easily be applied to companies in other markets needing large, metal structures torn down or needing help with operational setup."

New Mindset

New to industrial sales, Dillman's main focus is agricultural co-ops and industrial companies that use a preferred vendor list. Being on an approved vendor list enables the ability to bid on jobs closed to those not pre-approved.

"To get on a true vendor list with companies that typically don't think of a HMA manufacturer as a resource will be a step in the right direction as we branch out and apply our expertise, quality service, and quality parts to new markets," said Schwab.

There will be groundwork needed to create brand awareness in new markets.

As an example: Wisconsin is a strong agricultural state and the transition in farming over that last 10 years has been bigger, bigger, and bigger.

"Farming is big business; mom and pop farmers don't really exist anymore; it's a big enterprise with corporations and investors spending money," said Schwab. "The booming business of farming opens the door for us to introduce ourselves and share what we have to offer, and it doesn't stop there—our expertise and services make sense for power plants and those in the oil and gas industry."

Breaking New Ground

Dillman is in the infancy stage of breaking into new markets. There will be obstacles, but Dillman is ready and willing to overcome the hurdles of expanding its reach.

"There will be groundwork needed to create brand awareness for Dillman as more than just an asphalt company building HMA equipment," said Schwab. "To create the mindset in the consumer ‘I'm calling Dillman for an electric motor' will take time and positive persistence. We know we can service those in other industries needing the same parts, wanting quality service, and needing comparable expertise with setup and tear down of machinery and operational equipment."

In an effort to build an additional customer base, Dillman will be attending some farm shows and industrial trade shows to educate new markets on what Dillman has to offer.

"We'll do what is needed to be vetted as an approved vendor and we'll continue doing the upfront work to be recognized," said Schwab. "We want to be a business partner; we want to be the vendor that is called in an emergency; we want to be a ‘true' dependable resource; we want to be an expert for industrial and agricultural markets."