Travis Sneed
Travis Sneed

Astec, Inc. announces the promotion of Travis Sneed to North American parts sales manager. He will begin this new position at the start of the fourth quarter.

Travis brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to this position. He has been in parts sales for 15 years and at Astec for 29 years. Travis started as a shop floor employee, then promoted to lead-man of the drum bay. Three years later, he was promoted to bay foreman. He was the forerunner in outside parts sales covering all of America, which now has grown into 13 territories.

In this position, Travis will manage the outside parts sales team. He will also manage parts sales in the state of Tennessee.

With this promotion there will be some territory realignment. Walter Bruning’s territory will be Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Rick Worth’s territory will be Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Jimmy Engen will gain Illinois and Missouri, but lose Colorado. Tony Martin will add Colorado in exchange for British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Rob Garratt will now cover all of Canada.