The Astec booth at bauma 2013
The Astec booth at bauma 2013 showcased an open design lending itself to great conversational opportunities.

Built for Skanska, an Astec 8 ft (2.44 m) Double Barrel® drum mixer was on display at bauma 2013 in Munich, Germany, showcasing the Astec warm mix system, Whisper Jet® burner, and Shaggy Dog system. The drum service door was opened to allow viewers to see the key internal benefits of the features. This allowed the Astec, Inc. representatives to explain the Double Barrel’s ability to produce up to 50-percent recycle with very low emissions. This is made possible by the patented design of heating the recycle (RAP) on the outside section of the drum, utilizing indirect heating.

The Astec stationary plant model was displayed on the ground floor of the interior part of the booth with exceptional viewing from the main area, as well as the second floor above. The Astec, Inc. long-term storage silos displayed with the plant model were the center of many great discussions at the show, focusing on the ability to store multiple mixes produced from one plant for up to four days.

During the show, these capabilities sparked a lot of interests in a region predominantly consisting of batch plants, which produce mix in a batch process that typically don’t utilize the many benefits of long-term storage. The booth was well attended by key industry leaders from around the globe.

The open door of the Astec Double Barrel drum
The open door of the drum allowed visitors to see the internal components up close.
The Astec stationary plant model
The Astec stationary plant model was displayed on the interior portion of the booth.