On June 6, 2014, Astec, Inc. broke its all-time safety record of 92 days without a medical recordable accident. This is quite an accomplishment and a very important one. Astec president Malcolm Swanson said, “The really great thing is to have all of us able to go home to our families for the last 93 days without anyone being hurt.” 

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Astec enjoyed a cookout in June to celebrate breaking its safety record of 92 days.
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Astec employees purchased tickets for a chance to dunk Ben Brock, CEO and president of Astec Industries, Inc.

Astec celebrated that accomplishment, and the establishment of a new record of 97 days worked without a recordable incident, with a cookout for all employees on June 20, 2014. During the festivities, employees raised money for T.C. Thompson’s Children’s hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by purchasing tickets for a chance to dunk Astec Industries, Inc. CEO and president Ben Brock, who graciously agreed to enter the dunk tank. In all, Astec raised $1,720.