The Astec ultra-portable asphalt plant was specifically designed to meet the needs of the Australian state road authorities and produce the desired mix for airport use.
Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport
  • Work undertaken by Leighton Contractors for Australian Pacific LNG ($15M)
  • The works included lengthening, widening, and strengthening of the main runway and apron areas with lighting to support all weather and day/night operations for aircraft up to 70-seat capacity
  • Provides improved access for RFDS and Care
  • Surfacing work completed by Boral Asphalt included 8,000 tonnes (8,818 tons) of high-quality airport asphalt using multigrade binder
Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport
  • First greenfield public airport built since Tullamarine more than 50 years ago
  • First privately built public airport in Australia
  • Available for regular passenger services (RPT)
  • Runway 2,870 m (9,416 ft) long x 45 m (147 ft) wide (Code E)
  • Large jet capable
  • Low fog occurrences
  • Ideally located to service the Brisbane West through to the Darling Downs and Surat Basin
Surfacing Information:
  • Approximately 46,000 tonnes (50,706 tons) of airport standard asphalt using multigrade binder
  • Work commenced in June 2014 and was completed for airport opening in November 2014
About Australia Pacific LNG

Australia Pacific LNG Pty Limited is an incorporated joint venture between Origin Energy Limited (37.5%), ConocoPhillips (37.5%) and Sinopec (25%). The Australia Pacific LNG project includes the development of Australia Pacific LNG’s substantial coal seam gas resources in the Surat and Bowen Basins, a 530 km (329 mi) transmission pipeline, and a multi-train LNG facility on Curtis Island, near Gladstone.

In early 2012, Boral Asphalt approached Astec Australia with a request to design and produce a medium-sized asphalt plant that could be easily transported to remote sites and quickly erected and dismantled. The plant also needed to be capable of producing high specification asphalt to meet the needs of Australian state road authorities and airport specification mixes, as well as being able to recycle and produce warm mix.

Astec Engineering answered the call, and the Astec ultra-portable asphalt plant, specifically designed for Australian conditions, was manufactured.


Fast forward to August 2013 and the ultra-portable 150 asphalt plant was put to use by Boral to provide asphalt on the Miles Airport project.

This project required 8,000 tonnes (8,818 tons) of high-specification airport asphalt utilizing multigrade binder to extend, widen, and strengthen the existing Miles Airport runway. This project was part of a $15 million Australia Pacific LNG Project to improve access to the Miles area for the liquified natural gas industry, by allowing all-weather day/night operations with up to 70-seat passenger aircraft and improved access for the Royal Flying Doctor and Careflight operations.

Boral was up against a tight time frame for the project. Boral’s project manager, Matthew Keep, commented: "The ability to quickly and economically establish the Astec ultra-portable asphalt plant at the Miles Airport project allowed Boral Asphalt to provide high-quality asphalt to the project as an alternative to a spray-sealed surface, allowing the contract to be completed during the cold winter months."

The ultra-portable asphalt plant consists of seven, trailer-mounted units:

  • A Six Bin B Double Cold Feed Trailer
  • A Double Barrel® Drum Trailer
  • A 29,000 CFM Baghouse Trailer
  • 40 ton (36 tonne) Self-erecting Surge Bin Trailer
  • Self-erecting Vertical Filler Silo Trailer
  • 75,000 l (19,812 gal) Hot Oil Heated Bitumen Storage Trailer
  • Generator/Fuel Tank Trailer

These seven trailers complied with the requirements of Australian road rules for Queensland and the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator).

The B Double Cold Feed Trailer reduces transport costs and the purpose-designed, self-erecting duct work helps to reduce the plant set up time. Astec’s PMII Controls and Weighmate 2000 load-out system assure that tight control on asphalt quality can be maintained at all times. All associated equipment required to set the plant into an operational condition is stowed on board the trailer units, so that no additional trailers are required to transport the plant.


The ultra-portable asphalt plant also produced asphalt for the Boral Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, which opened mid-November 2014. The Wellcamp airport is the first Greenfield public airport built in Australia since Tullamarine more than 50 years ago. It is also the first privately built, public airport in Australia to cater for regular passenger (RPT) services. The runway is 2,870 m (9,416 ft) long and 45 m (147 ft) wide and services Brisbane West through to Darling Downs and Surat Basin.

The Boral team, lead by project manager Chris Jeffery, produced approximately 46,000 tonnes (50,706 tons) of airport standard asphalt to stringent tolerances within a tight project time frame.

Jeffery said, "The ease of set up and production capacity of the ultra-portable plant made it ideal for this type of project work. Astec has a very good understanding of our business and our specific project needs as they are always available to respond and support us."